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Car of interest!

When made the first car? The human minds has very in former times to employ the idea of a passenger vehicle in which there is no need to move the animal strength. Certainly, Karl Benz name is linked the greatest merit, but it should be mentioned next to about whom are not a lot of talk.
French engineer Nicolas Joseph Cugnot  in 1771 produced a vehicle that could operate steam propulsion. The vehicle Cugnot bore the name and the debut was literally wall crucial was so that Cugnot steam-powered vehicle's due to one of the world's first vehicle accidents as well. 1801 English inventor Richard Trevithick in his spare time is also a steam-powered vehicle designed to have a manageable size while strong enough  people and loads to carry.  A number of operating a small model After taking a steam road vehicle built. „Puffing Devil” name is , trying out at Christmas Camborne town's streets. The single-cylinder vehicle was suitable for short trips, a few days after the experimentation of the machine destroyed, overheated boiler ignited flared. Mr. Trevithick, the railways in transport are found more success.  The „Puffing Devil” it appears many people started something.  People know that they need the automobile, only the steam drive  to be replaced with something else.  First, in 1862, Alphonse-Eugene Beau de Rochas penned the four-stroke engine principle, this is guide has helped the Cologne-born inventor Nicholas August Otto in order to create the first (low speed), the internal combustion engine.  Hungary in 1876, George Wessely, known as Colonet is name patented a car.  In 1894 Karl Benz "Velo" name is model has already begun the first car race.  In 1898, Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker , thanks to the release of a motor car, which had permanent four-wheel drive and all four wheels is slowed down.  The prefer racing for suitable, with three differential operation "60 HP" , even had the world's first line six engine. Yet the all-wheel drive probably invented by an English inventor, Joseph Bramah Diplock in 1893 and was registered four-wheel drive system, which had three differential operation possessed.  Maybe here started with the all-wheel drive, and where to led ? In 1972, the Subaru were the first all-wheel drive, series-produced passenger cars between , "Subaru Leone Station Wagon AWD."  In November 1981, Subaru was the first all-wheel-drive passenger cars with automatic transmission.  If you have the engines we're, then have to know, who was George Jendrassik  Jendrassik diesel engines towards a special binding of stimulated him to a diesel engine after studying improvements to it.  Thus was born the Jm 130 for type, single-cylinder engine. Jendrassik, thanks to the railway began in motorization, the diesel engine the spread for the shipping and of road vehicles as well.  In 1938 he established the world's first self combustion space there is a small gas turbine, power-100hp output.  In 1940 he made a CS1 for type, 1000 horsepower aircraft gas turbine , parallel experiments were conducted for vehicles for the, gas turbine 300HP  on this subject. JR 300,for type vehicle- gas turbine detached work with turbine made. This engine was the world's first turboprop. In 1944 he succeeded the world famous to engines to planned turbocharger. So for George Jendrassik thanks throughout the world, fast running diesel-powered engine
As woman, I can not leave out of this little from expository woman my companions and therefore could mention, who worked in an area where there is still a rare stock of their appearance: Women car racers. Everyone knows Danica Patrick,  but who were the pioneers? The American-born Geneva Dephine Mudge was the first female driver in 1898 received a drive a car license.  Louise Smith , also American-born woman was the first female race car driver.  1949-1952-up featured in a NASCAR. Undaunted style was famous.  In 1958, the world of F1, the first female race car driver in the Italian-born Maria Teresa de Filippis in person. person. In 1975, Italian Lella Lombardi   also female race car driver, the F1 Spanish Grand Prix scoring sixth place felyezte in the race.
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