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Fashion interestings
You may nothing even opine nonentity, in 1946, had an impact on the swimwear fashion automobile industry. Yes, a strange pairing, but Louis Reard 
(1897-1984) French automotive engineer, so much so it took a garment that inspired it, has created a triangle made ​​up of tiny bikini. On 5 July 1946, first appeared in publicity before, a Paris fashion show. True, the swimsuit  of the ancient Greeks in time also existed, but Louis Reard fantasy based on that womens are just a small triangular forms "covered with", in 1946, was the first public show's. The name of the Marshall Islands, Bikini Atoll is part obtained from. Reard thought that it's little pieces of clothing will be in effect in men than in the islands conducted nuclear test explosions. The bikini wear in 1951, has been banned from the Miss World Pageant on, but when Brigitte Bardot in 1957, appeared on the big screen in such a bikini, a very sharp increase in the demand for little clothing purchases. That you are dress designing and preparation  making when it started? Looking at all the different notes, pictures, perhaps since ancient times is in our blood, because the prehistoric people of the  the animals hunted hides of, furskins of using, designed and produced the first garments. Just as there is in our blood, we feel compelled to get the better, so beyond the "cool leather dress" ancestors appeared more serious attire. The early records of the shows that of clothes a change  depends on the wear and tear. BC was the 374th, has appeared  riding nomadic people among the of the  pants to wear, which is also constantly changing, cultures and depending on use. We know that the shirt was originally used underwear was, or also lower clothings was is the role for a long time, hence, guys, of decency rule according to , that "women's in vicinity one's shirt sleeves undressing down greatest impropriety was." So a long road act in the shirt, while has reached its present form the sport due to be born out of it the t-shirt. For me the (clothes fabrication) clothing design art becomes, a wonderful  in English men dream with clothes began. 
Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895) worked in London drapery shops, and in 1846 went to Paris, where own design clothes  have latvians become very popular. He was the first who in his clothes the presentation of  models for used, and so familiar with you  his wife, Marie Vernet, who also was a model. Worth wanted to expand and this was the help of a wealthy Swedish Bobergh Otto, who saw the future in Worth's revolutionary idea of. Customers between in such names included as  III. Napoleon, Emperor of France, his wife, Eugenie, or Pauline Clémentine von Metternich. Collection of Stepping over France border, famous became world. Worth His clothes  were typical was. Created a new women's fashion, removing the clothes too many frills. In 1850 he founded the House of Worth fashion house, which survived until today.  Worth invented the Houten Couture: High-level tailoring, dressmaking noble design, which is expensive materials, unique handmade clothing. Worth 1895 passed away in , thanks to the work of the dressmaking, a mere artisan from work lift to a higher level, the art world. This was the legacy the follows fashion designers for who went on continued to went on the spell. Although the following fashion designers all recognize, still have to write some words about them, because not only my favorite, but had a great influence, are and will be forever in the fashion world. In 1881, Guccio Gucci  was born of Italian descent, who originally was a saddle maker, so this is the first knowledge of shops were built by various leather accessories design and production of opened up.. Plans implemented in a your family helped him, his wife, who worked as a seamstress and his sons. The family business has become more and more famous and this it is not broken by Gucci in 1953, his death. Their success was so great that even in the same year the children were able to expand overseas. Became world-famous custom ties, belt clips and bags, with bamboo handles.  As Guccio, me too, close to me the skin world. Coco Chanel  (1883-1971) French fashion designer invented the short skirt , little ensemble , the glittering costume jewelry, the "black dress" and of course the world famous cologne Chanel N ° 5Chanel opened a new era in the fashion world, the boy-cut short hair, wearing pants, and he let the first bronzed the skin. His clothes were in stark contrast to the then age- appropriate complicated and uncomfortable to wear ones. Collections is both elegant and simple was. Christian Dior  (1905-1957) French fashion designer. His future was already written in the stars. A palmist once predicted for him to "The women will bless. And they're going to get along."  Diplomatic Made a career, but interrupted his studies, and became gallerys. In the gallery, frequented by artists were, such as Picasso, Matisse and Dali. It have had become from this magical place. However, family problems also had to face. First caps sketches made of which Nina Ricci in fashion house of ended up. In 1945 he opened his own business. few years after, is reflected in the U.S. fashion market of. From then on, the rapidly increasing reputation in the world and begins to expand. In 1957, death time of, 15 countries are present at the  fashion houses. Christian Dior was characterized by , Haute Couture closer to Prêt-a Porter (aimed at a large customer base, wearable garment ready to wear). Christian Diornál learned including Hubert de Givenchy (02.21.1927.) French fashion designer and Pierre Cardin  (07.07.1922.) Italian-born French fashion designer. Pierre Cardinet  name therefore also is it important to mention  because he is not only clothes and accessories designing, but also cars the interior planning prepare. Giorgio Armani  (07.11.1934.) Italian fashion designer. The world today is living in one of the most famous and very talented designers one. Armani was originally made ​​of a physician, but in the fashion world is always closer to the heart. First, window-dresser as a he worked. In 1974, life mate Sergio Galeotti architect, to encourage was born the men's fashion brand Giorgio Armani , and this was followed by the women's. In 2000, Forbes magazine, of the year fashion designer  was elected. Finally, Gianni Versace  (1946-1997) in the fashion world's most colorful fashion designer,  a unique talent of so dress created , which astounded everyone. The Italian-born fashion designer works of the ancient Roman, Greek and modern abstract art inspiration,  which is always reflected in collections. The XX. century's second half of the  most colorful and most talented designer of seen as. Gianni, seamstress mothers on account of love into the world of fashion. Despite the fact that he studied architecture, but eventually pulled back to the heart of fashion. In the mid 70's, observed up on him of the fashion industry. A few years later published his first collection for the catwalk, which brought him world fame. 15 July 1997 suddenly occurred death nor could break this reputation. For me, Versace and Armani represent Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci
Fashion is an essential component of the dress material: Thanks to the silk roads to get to know the world's most beautiful fabric the silk. (The silk roads appellation is such trade routes which to East, South and West Asia, the Mediterranean region of Europe to North Africa tied together.) BC2. century in China, the silk roads  delivered transferred silk the merchants. The fabric method of preparation of over 3,000 years via in China are strictly guarded. Deadly sin was one silkworm or eggs taken out of the country. However, two monks, a few in bamboo sticks smuggled out silkworm eggs to in ByzantiumByzantine and Moorish silk makers through the Italy of silk weaving secret, which allows the 13. century Florence and its surroundings, the European silk production became an important center. France in Italy masters naturalized , Francis I, King of France in the 16th century Italian silk makers called in the country, they founded the famous Lyons silk industry. Korea and India is AD  200 and 300 around came of the silk into secret , it is no wonder that India is still the second largest silk production. The silk production as a 72% dominated by China. In Hungary, the silkworm Passardi Peter John Italian settlers naturalized  in 168018th century Békéscsaba dealt with  silk production. The 19th century silk factory Szekszárd worked. Silk is a very important role in the textile product among. Relative rarity of the production is very labor intensive because of the expensive luxury matters.
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