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Surprise a weekly newspaper
Surprise a weekly newspaper

A real artists has among were.
First was the creation of a Ferrari sports car, made ​​from fourteen days. Then came queue German  of brands. And ever since there's no stopping. Word spread quickly among his friends, because it deals with, but the villagers were only aware of it, when the first the art exhibition admire the local doctor's surgery. The reception was positive, the pictures might help you out Zengővárkony accommodate them. ,, At first I did not know what it's good all. Then things accelerated last year, a regional newspaper published a tender. The organizers have asked the painter's to send photo on the imagery. The underdog tranquility I called. In Germany, the jury selected the most interesting and creative works they invited the near Munich Unterschlessheimbe international art exhibition. The letter it open couldn't believe my eyes: I was chosen. It is only known as a professional artist said , I'm just an enthusiastic amateur.'' Judith the opening of the exhibition will accompany the family and of course the wonderful moments of celebration will be there beside boyfriend Francis. 
Painting is my way.
Francis and Judith 2 years, loved each other, but the details halgat Judith modestly. But he enthusiastically discusses the Unterschlessheim exhibition held in Germany, followed immediately by another followed by. Judith's brother, recognizing the of the times words, all the paintings loaded to the Internet, let them learn about the world at large. ,,I' was disorder the invitation after,  I' never did not learn art , I paint from what I see. They do not plan ahead, because I am afraid of being disappointed and disturbance when people more believe in of me more than I am. But now that the exhibition in ​my images, down I' calm , really I am going to Germany in the autumn. And slowly soften my anxiety, I begin to think that my way of painting''.
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